Kellen and Ben

we cannot wait to eat, drink, and dance our way through the night with you

126 days until the big day!

a bit about us

we met in late summer of 2017 through dylan cooper, at the time ben's coworker and kellen's college best friend and roommate. it was friendship at first sight and we grew to know each other through bowling alley nights, old town bar escapades, wine nights within the walls of the girls' apartment, and pool party concerts celebrated as a group. one night spent frolicking the old town bar streets, ben pulled kellen aside and expressed his more-than-friends feelings for her. kellen wasted no time and reciprocated her feelings in the form of their unexpected first smooch. from that moment on, the couple was nearly inseparable.

their love grew over the next four years. they grew in love through the two apartments they made their home, the exciting new cities they vacationed to, through the many acquaintances they made into lifelong friends, and the laughter and growth they experienced beside one another.

ben surprised kellen with an engagement ring on march 12th, 2022 while on a vacation with dylan and her boyfriend kj, to boston, massachusetts to visit ben's sister jen, brother-in-law mike, and niece emma. they celebrated by exploring the amazing city of boston, drinking beer in pubs all of st. patricks day, and basking in the newly engaged life with their forever friends.